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Now is the time to plan your move!

redboxmoving-moving-palm-beach-tipsA move should be well prepared in advance. Your organization and pre-planning will take most of the worry out of your move. The better prepared you will be, the smoother the move will be.

Here is a section that should help you in your planning and preparation:

  • When it comes to your move, choose Red Box Moving, please view the Why Us page  for details.
  • Have a look at the calendar to make sure you won’t run out of time. 3-4 weeks before the move decide on the approximate date you would like to move.
  • Hire the correct number of movers based on the size of your home.
  • While preparing for your move you will probably find that you have many items you do not want to bring to your new home. Reducing the volume of belongings that your moving company needs to load and deliver will result in a move that takes less time and less money to complete. Consider donating your belongings to charitable organizations. Give away your unwanted items or hold a garage sale.
  • Prepare a plan of where you will want the movers to put your belongings at the destination.
  • Pick up a “Change of Address Moving Kit” from the Post Office.
  • Arrange to disconnect your current utilities and to reconnect utilities at your new residence.
  • Arrange for children and pets to be away from the home during the busiest periods of packing, moving and unloading for safety considerations.
  • Have all the furniture cleared off and ready.
  • Stay nearby in case the movers have any questions.
  • Make sure the elevators are booked at both locations.
  • If parking is difficult, try to save a spot for the moving truck.
  • After our moving van is packed make sure you have the appropriate payment ready before the van is unloaded at your new address.

Packing Tips

redboxmoving-moving-floridaYou have invested a lot of care and money in your belongings. When you move them you want to ensure they arrive safely. If you prefer Red Box Moving to pack your valuables, our moving crew will arrive with the necessary packing materials.

  • Check to see if you have the original boxes for electronics and computer equipment. If you don’t have the original cartons, pack items in standard boxes that best fit them. Secure items with bubble wrap, paper padding or styrofoam peanuts.
  • Tape the bottom of every box; tape the top closed tightly when full. Run two strips of tape along the side and one strip down the center.
  • Use small boxes for heavier items; larger boxes for light weight, bulky items.
  • Wrap small and/or fragile items individually. Stuff top, bottom and sides of boxes with paper. This helps prevent shifting, rubbing and possible breakage.
  • Stack boxes to the top to prevent them from being crushed. But don’t pack fragile items too tightly. Stuff with paper.
  • Label the contents of every box and the room where it belongs.
  • Put hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes.
  • Don’t pack flammable items: aerosol cans, paints, gasoline, etc.
  • Antique pieces can be packed in cartons with padding. A custom crate can be built around the piece to ensure correct fit and proper protection. Red Box Moving handles valuable and rare antiques with the utmost care.
  • Red Box Moving recommends that you transport the following items instead of including them in your shipment, as they are not easily replaceable: fine jewelry, coins, currency, securities, valuable papers, prescriptions and medical records.

The proper preparation of your possessions for loading and transport is essential to the success of your move. That is why most people prefer to have their things professionally packed by our moving company.

Red Box Moving, Inc.

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Red Box Moving is a family owned and operated moving company that you can trust, when it’s time to move. Red Box Moving has a history of providing quality moving services to the residents of South Florida. Our company ensures your smooth, trouble-free and successful move with careful planning.

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